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Music Collective Online is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to connect professional and semi-professional music educators with underserved communities where music education programs have either been cut or eliminated from the school curriculum.

As federal and state funding for the arts dwindles, we see music education in the public schools suffer, especially for those living in less-fortunate communities.

Music brings people together. It expands our minds and offers a creative outlet to all who embrace it. Music can become a career, a profession, a hobby, a sanctuary, however, there are many who are unable to learn and experience the joys of playing a musical instrument, because either their schools dropped those programs, or their families simply cannot afford it.

We do not want these individuals to suffer or their dreams to be squelched. 

Music Collective Online is chartered to give back to the community by partnering with retailers and music educators to provide musical instruments and music lessons at little or no charge to those who need it the most.  

Our charter is being developed to support music education to students living at or below the poverty level, and to those attending schools that simply do not offer music as an elective. As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, our students can NOW learn an instrument from a Music Collective affiliate willing to offer their talent and services below their normal rates, and in most cases, on a pro-bono basis.

We will be pursuing grants from foundations and corporations, large and small, that want to support the arts.

Share your knowledge
Give back to the community 
Help students from underserved and impoverished communities

This a grassroots effort just starting out and we need movers and shakers willing to support the effort, pro bono. 

We're looking for organizers, religious organizations, people in the educational community, teachers and educators, grant writers, and most of all, musicians and music educators with a desire to give back.

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